Workers’ Compensation Examinations

Disability examinations for Workers’ Compensation Injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Disability Examinations

Our team of physicians provides both partial and total disability exams.


Workers’ Compensation Permanent Total Disability Exams

Workers' Compensation Permanent Total Disability Exams. While Permanent Partial Disability refers to an employee who can still work in some capacity, Permanent Total Disability refers to an employee who cannot work in any type of employment. A Permanent Total Disability is a significant event that will impact a person [...]


Workers’ Compensation Permanent Partial Disability Exams

Workers' Compensation Permanent Partial Disability Exams. What is a permanent partial disability? A permanent partial disability occurs when a worker sustains a permanent injury that interferes with their ability to perform the tasks of their job or normal activities of daily life. The specific injury creates physical limitations that do [...]

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